What To Do If Your Bathroom Suffers Water Damage

If you have fallen victim to water damage in your bathroom, you first have to take a number of steps in order to find the cause of the problem, unless your neighborhood has been flooded, then you know that you nor your home is responsible.

Water damage is not all that easy to find. You will have more luck identifying a busted pipe or leak if your pipes are in the basement or the bathroom pipes are outside your wall as opposed to inside. If you hear a constant running inside your walls, or feel a mysterious moisture when you touch them, either of those are a giant cause for concern, as those are serious indicators that there could be a water leak somewhere. Keep the water flowing since it will help you find the area where the water is flowing out into your home. Once you find where the leak is located it is then that you can turn your water off.

If you cannot locate where the leak is coming from, do not spend much time with the water running, as you want the least amount of water damaging your home as possible. Older pipes are more susceptible to bursting after being well over a hundred years old. If you notice the water damage early on, it can be easily taken care of with damages being minimal. Severe water damage will occur if water is leaking from inside your walls over an extended period of time. If it appears that this has happened it would probably be too late to try to fix this problem on your own. Only a plumbing specialist would have the expertise to solve such problem.

After you stop the water flow, contact your local plumber in Anaheim or around your area to have him help you out as quickly as possible. In the meantime, if cover or seal the gap in the pipe temporarily and use water minimally for times in which you go to the bathroom, wash your hands, or take a shower. Your plumber should arrive at your residence as fast as he or she can to help you in an emergency situation, but if by chance there is a delay, try and use the least amount of water possible while waiting for the repair.

The severity of the water damage, in addition to what happened that caused the damage, is essential to know so that the problem can be solved and future problems will be prevented moving forward. If your problem is just usual water damage, have your plumber in Anaheim start at the source. For each problem your bathroom might have, you will need a specialized contractor to fix each of those problems. If your floor is cracked, consult with a flooring specialist to repair your floor. For cracked drywall, contact a drywall specialist to have him seal and/or repair your wall.

The worst that could happen is that your bathroom’s structure is damaged, in which cracks inside your wall are exposed to humidity, rain, and snow. These are all moistures that attract fungus, which break down materials over time. In this case, it is highly necessary to reach out to a contractor that has a mold and asbestos specialty to repair your wall, remove signs of fungi, and turn your bathroom back to normal.

If your bathroom has gone through enough water damage, or even just gradual wear and tear, then consider it to be necessary to contact multiple contractors to remodel your bathroom. Not only is remodeling going to add structural upgrades to your bathroom, but remodeling will also increase your home’s value should you decide to sell your home.

Dave Flynn

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