Bexar County Pipe Bursting

If the structural integrity of your sewer lines has been compromised, pipe bursting might be the solution to restoring maximum performance to your home’s wastewater system. With SewerTV’s experienced pros on the job, work will be completed with speed and precision.

bexar county pipe bursting

What is Pipe Bursting?

Pipe bursting is a powerful method and can replace PVC, clay, cast iron, or any other kind of pipe. It is similar to pipe lining in that after an entry point and receiving pit are cleared, a specially-engineered device called an expander head is introduced into the old pipe. As it proceeds through the damaged infrastructure, it breaks it into many small pieces. New pipe attached to the back of the head is immediately laid in its place, leaving only perfect, clean-running lines behind.

Traditionally, replacing old sewer lines could take days and was considerably expensive. Now, with trenchless technologies like pipe bursting, jobs can take merely hours with minimal digging. So much so that we call the procedure “non-intrusive.” Ask about our free consultation for any Bexar County pipe bursting questions!

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bexar county pipe bursting

A look at the pipe bursting tool.

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Why do we use pipe bursting?

Pipe bursting is so successful and cost-effective, municipalities all over the world have turned to it to complete public sewer systems. When SewerTV performs your pipe bursting services, you can be sure that the process is being done by highly-experienced, expert plumbers. Call SewerTV and ask about our free pipe bursting consultation today.

How popular is pipe bursting?

Pipe bursting is a relatively new technology that is cheaper, less destructive, and less invasive than older methods of pipeline replacement. Pipe bursting has gotten so popular that it is actually the preferred method of pipe replacement in cities around the world. It is the most effective, long lasting, and affordable pipeline maintenance solution available.

SewerTV is always on the cutting edge of technologies that will benefit our customers so you can rest assured that you are getting the most effective, yet affordable Bexar County pipe bursting service available. Give us a call today for any pipeline needs you may have!

Benefits of Pipe Bursting
- Minimal Digging
- Maximum Productivity
- Cost-Efficient
- Not Disruptive
- Professional Results

bexar county pipe bursting
bexar county pipe bursting
bexar county pipe bursting

Frequently Asked Pipe Bursting Questions

Pipe bursting is considered a final step in sewer line rehabilitation. It is typically done when all other methods of solving backups have been extinguished. If you are having persistent, annoying drain backups, SewerTV offers a free evaluation of your lines. With sewer video inspection, we can determine the source of the problem quickly, expertly and with certainty. For instance, if roots have done extensive damages to your home’s infrastructure, we know how much damage has been done, exactly where it is, and the exact nature of the destruction. Sometimes simple age is the culprit and deterioration due to the elements is the cause. Again, with video inspection, we can know for sure how to best fix your sewage system and restore it back to like-new performance, fit and ready to flow freely for decades. Contact SewerTV for the best Bexar County pipe bursting services.

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