Santa Ana Pipe Lining

SewerTV is the leader in all Santa Ana pipe lining service needs. Using the latest methods science has to offer, we will rehabilitate your pipes and restore them to prime working order after damages like cracks, holes, root infiltration, collapses, and any other severe deterioration interrupts your plumbing.

santa ana pipe lining

What is Pipe Lining?

Pipe lining, also known as “trenchless repair technology” or “cured in place pipe (CIPP)” is the preferred method for sewer line rehabilitation for homes here in Santa Ana and the greater Orange County area because of its convenience, versatility, cost-effectiveness, and endurance. SewerTV uses state-of-the-art lining technology to rejuvenate old and worn sewage systems. Ask about our free consultation for any Santa Ana pipe lining questions!

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santa ana pipe lining

Before and after SewerTV pipe lining.

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Why is pipe lining right for my home?

Drain problems including pooling water, offensive odors, and slow drains are reasons to get a free pipe lining consultation from SewerTV. The old sewer system may need to be replaced. Lateral lining, or pipe lining and trenchless technology, all refer to the process of inserting brand new pipes right inside your old pipe system. No digging required!

How does pipe lining work?

Pipe lining refers to inserting a “new pipe” inside of the old pipe. The advanced epoxy resin and liner combinations of the new pipe are processed into an incredibly durable and sophisticated refurbished pipe. In addition to the new pipe being stronger and more stable, it is also supported by the external shell of the older pipe, lending even more stout resistance to your renewed sewage system. This impressive process is a proven winner for cost-effective, long-term, and dependable sewer solutions. SewerTV is your Santa Ana pipe lining specialist.

Pipe Lining Benefits
– Long Lasting Strength
– Cost-Effective
– Speed and Versatility
– Trenchless (No Digging!)

santa ana pipe lining
santa ana pipe lining
santa ana pipe lining

Frequently Asked Pipe Lining Questions

Long Lasting

Lateral pipe lining makes use of a combination of scientifically-advanced epoxy resins and is protected by the outer shell of older pipes. It stands the extreme tests of time, lasting for decades. Over 50 years GUARANTEED!


Due to the durability of the materials and expert workmanship of SewerTV’s highly-trained plumbers, lateral pipe lining is an affordable, long-term solution for your sewer. SewerTV’s lateral pipe lining method is virtually non-invasive, you save the expensive costs of digging up foundations, destroying walls, and other destructive pipe replacement techniques.

Speed and Versatility

Lateral pipe lining is used to treat all types of piping systems, including PVC, cast iron, copper, steel, and clay. It is a fast, flexible system designed with a myriad of uses in mind. Jobs that used to take months can now be done in a matter of hours!

Trenchless Sewer Repair

So to what does the “trenchless” in trenchless technology refer to? Simple. There is minimal digging involved with lateral pipe lining. In essence, trenchless means non-destructive. We’ve all seen streets and homes dug up for old-fashioned pipe replacement services. Those times are long gone with SewerTV’s Santa Ana pipe lining services.

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