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SewerTV is a family owned and operated plumbing business specializing in trenchless lining and camera location. We can locate and show you the exact problem and offer you the best solution for fixing it. The best solution can range from traditional dig up and replace to pipe lining the sewer, whichever procedure meets the job needs. We give you the choice many others do not have available!

SewerTV prides itself on taking a crystal clear and honest approach to your plumbing needs. We are CA State Small Business certified and a bonded sewer contractor for the city of Los Angeles. Let us help you today!

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The Root of the Problem

Water seeking roots worm their way through the joints of clay, cast iron, and many other types of sewer pipes. Once inside, they spread and grow eventually clogging, cracking, and ultimately destroying the vulnerable sewer lines. Snaking or rotoring the pipes can not only add more cracks and root openings, but can also cause more dense growth of the root infestation.

SewerTV Pipe Repair

Root infestation causes raw sewage backups into your children's bathing structures: the tub and the shower. Raw sewage causes beach closures, illnessess, and disease, such as, asthma, salmolnellosis, hepatitis, pneumonia, diarrhea, gastroenteritis, dysentery cholera, typhoid and meningitis.

SewerTV Pipe Repair

The Old Costly Dig and Replace

One solution is the standard tried and true method of digging up the old pipes and replacing them with new ones. This method is a TEMPORARY, messy fix at best and is disruptive of your valuable time. Not only that, this process can take days of digging through your landscape, driveway, and (at a severe cost) the street.

We have a new, better option.

Environmentally Safe

Our processes use only the most green and environmentally friendly methods.

Completed in <1 Day

We value your time and space, which is why we try and get the job done in one day.

No Mess

You will never no we were there because we are clean and use the best technology.

Lifetime Guarantee

Our services carry a lifetime guarantee and we will fix anything that goes wrong.

Introducing SewerTV's permanent, trenchless solution...

Pipe lining is a new process introduced to the United States and has been utilized extensively in Europe for repair of cracked, broken, root infested sewer pipes without the added cost and mess of digging up and replacing sewer lines. SewerTV carries the only trenchless pipe lining system that carries the National Sanitary Foundation (NSF-14) certification mark for plumbing pipe repairs.

Our pipe lining system is approved and third party tested to meet ASTM specifications. The specifications test our materials to a minimum life span of 50 years.

  • Our services leave you with NO joints for the roots to get through and you are left with a specifically tested, root-proof sewer.
  • There will be no patches anywhere and no costly street opening all in just a few hours, saving YOU on labor and other costly expenses.
"They were fantastic! Got the job done faster than expected and were very helpful and professional - we are having them bid another job next week." Carter S., Bel Aire, CA
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